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Contremporay Oriental Medicine - Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.The Foundation exists to support and further the art and science of Contemporary Oriental Medicine (COM). Through the work and teachings of Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D., COM has the potential to become one of the world’s most respected systems of healing as we move further into the 21st century.

Dr. Hammer has over sixty years’ experience in Western and Oriental medicine, and his knowledge, together with the wisdom of his mentor, Dr. John H. F. Shen, is an invaluable resource to practitioners and students alike wishing to deepen their understanding of the true nature of health and healing.

Through the COM Foundation, this knowledge is offered to healthcare professionals and members of the public. As well as the substantial archives available on this website, Dr. Hammer has produced two series of twelve Lessons, gradually teaching some of the concepts, knowledge and skills that have helped him transform the lives of many patients. The first set of these unique insights is offered freely; to benefit from them, please click here.

Welcome to The Contemporary Oriental Medicine Foundation

In combination with the Lessons, this website hosts a variety of  articles, essays, and excerpts from Dr. Hammer’s published and unpublished works, and the COM Foundation is also pleased to present articles from some of COM’s many practitioners. These can be found, along with a selection of Dr. Hammer’s musings, in the Archives. To learn more about COM, the Foundation, Dr. Hammer, and how Contemporary Oriental Medicine can transform and enhance medical ideas and practices, please explore the site; it contains a wealth of information and resources.

If you would like to embark upon a rewarding  journey into the fascinating world of COM, please consider subscribing to Dr. Hammer’s series of twelve Lessons. They are completely free of charge and are a compelling and informative education on the wonders of this system of healing.

Ancient Healthcare, refined and evolved for a Modern World

As a significant part of its mission to preserve and disseminate the works of Dr. Leon Hammer and to educate the next generation of acupuncturists, the Contemporary Oriental Medicine Foundation acquired Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine (DRCOM) in 2014.

Located in Gainesville, Florida, the College was founded as a small, private school in 2001. From its inception, it was committed to teaching a new, updated form of Chinese medicine; it’s this medicine that has now come to be known as Contemporary Oriental Medicine, or COM. Dr. Hammer developed the curriculum, which he taught, alongside some of his most-committed students, until his retirement.

- DRCOM is the only college in the world     that teaches 165 hours of pulse diagnosis.

 - DRCOM is the only college in the world that teaches COM in its entirety.

To read more about our wonderful College, please click here.

Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine

28 February, 2018

 Contemporary Oriental Medicine: Concepts - Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.

We at the COM Foundation are extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Hammer’s new book - Contemporary Oriental Medicine: Concepts - is now available.

This bold new volume represents a lifetime of work, study, and devotion to the search for a true path to healing. Concepts presents a new philosophy: a new way of looking at medicine, and at the world in which we live. Contemporary Oriental Medicine is about more than just where to insert needles, or which herbs to prescribe. It represents a paradigm shift in healing and awareness, giving patients and practitioners the tools they need to enact real recovery, and change their lives for the better. This book brings together the truly outstanding body of work that constitutes the main tenets of COM and Dr. Hammer’s work.

A rewarding read and an essential addition to the libraries of practitioners and students alike, Concepts will change the modern world of Chinese medicine.

To buy Contemporary Oriental Medicine: Concepts, please visit our bookshop.

(Outside of the US, please visit Amazon in your country, to save on shipping costs.)



The COM Foundation and DRCOM