We at the Contemporary Oriental Medicine Foundation would like to share some wonderful news. Dr. Hammer’s Handbook of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis has been translated into Chinese by Dr. Wen-Huai Chang, and has been very well-received. With a preface by Dr. Yemeng Chen, the Chinese version of the Handbook furthers understanding and awareness in Asia of the Shen-Hammer pulse system, seen by many Chinese doctors as the key to the Shang Han Lun.

Continuing on from the success of the Handbook, Dr. Chang and Karen Bilton, along with an assistant, taught a pulse seminar at the Zhoushan World Pulse Conference in China this April. The class went extremely well, and in fact the next class already has a waiting list of sixty doctors. We are delighted that Dr. Hammer’s work is spreading so effectively and positively in Asia, and will continue our work to encourage its dissemination in the East, and around the world.

To read Dr. Chen’s preface to the Chinese version of the Handbook, please click here. For the English version, click here.