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Contremporay Oriental Medicine - Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.The Foundation exists to support and further the art and science of Contemporary Oriental Medicine (COM). Through the work and teachings of Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D., COM has the potential to become one of the world’s most respected systems of healing as we move further into the 21st century.

Dr. Hammer has over sixty years’ experience in Western and Oriental medicine, and his knowledge, together with the wisdom of his mentor, Dr. John H. F. Shen, is an invaluable resource to practitioners and students alike wishing to deepen their understanding of the true nature of health and healing.

Through the COM Foundation, this knowledge is offered freely to healthcare professionals and members of the public. As well as the resources available on this website, Dr. Hammer also produces a series of monthly Lessons, gradually teaching some of the concepts, knowledge and skills that have helped him transform the lives of many patients. To benefit from these unique insights, please click here.

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In combination with the Lessons, this website hosts a variety of  articles, essays, and excerpts from Dr. Hammer’s published and unpublished works, and the COM Foundation is also pleased to present articles from some of COM’s many practitioners. These can be found, along with a selection of Dr. Hammer’s musings, in the Archives. To learn more about COM, the Foundation, Dr. Hammer, and how Contemporary Oriental Medicine can transform and enhance medical ideas and practices, please explore the site; it contains a wealth of information and resources.

If you would like to embark upon a rewarding  journey into the fascinating world of COM, please consider a subscription to Dr. Hammer’s ongoing Lessons. They are completely free of charge, delivered via email once each month, and are a compelling and informative education on the wonders of this system of healing.

Ancient Healthcare, refined and evolved for a Modern World

Dao gives birth to tDr. Leon Hammer, M.D. - Why Pulse? by Ross Rosen, L.Ac. - COM Foundationhe One
One gives birth to the Two
Two gives birth to the Three
Three gives birth to the ten-thousand things
Dao De Jing Chapter 42

Patients coming in to our clinics often present with manifestations of the ten-thousand things. Years and often decades of symptoms present themselves to us to be sifted through, understood and prioritized, and these symptomatic branches must be traced back to their root causes. We as clinicians are all confronted with this task and how well it is done determines our success in the treatment room. Treating without this knowledge often leads to temporary relief at best, and more often an inability to create positive change for those under our care. But the art of Chinese medicine should not rely on a diagnostic stab in the dark; we are charged with a higher calling: healing our patients. And while healing does not look the same for everyone, it should create an awareness and an opportunity for positive change in a patient’s life.

While all the diagnostic pillars play a significant role, the pulse has always been the hallmark of Chinese medical diagnostics. From palpating the radial artery at the wrist, we have the capacity to understand our patients in a way that even they themselves may not. We can learn not only of their current plight and symptoms, but also their histories, emotional and psychological states, behavioral patterns, genetics and predispositions, their constitution and personality. We can see links from their pasts that manifest in the present and even…

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(Article originally published in the fall 2016 newsletter of Golden Flower Chinese Herbs)

07 February, 2017
Why Pulse? By Ross Rosen, L.Ac.